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About Us

Decatur Community Players is a children’s musical theatre company founded in 2009, providing year round performing arts instruction for children ages 5 to 18. We offer an award-winning musical theatre performance program, after school care, Saturday classes, travel team and summer camps. Every January we participate in the Junior Theater Festival. Our mission is to include every child who wishes to be involved in a performing arts program, regardless of their level of experience. We strive to inspire imagination and cultivate creativity both on stage and off, while helping children develop communication skills, self esteem and team work. We believe the children should be involved with every aspect of production and we encourage their input whenever possible.

Meet Our Team

Shell Ramirez Founder/Owner/Director

Shell is the whimsical Fairy Queen of DCP. She flits and floats around brining magic to everyday situations. She loves to take a blank stage and create. Each play is a step into the mind of Shell. And it’s always a fun story told.

Melissa Gouinlock Costume Maeven/Administrator

Melissa is the Elf Queen of DCP. She establishes a foundation for growth while making us look pretty. Her passion for fabric and ribbons places each character into the story. Each costume is designed with love and joy.

Dante Ramirez After School Leader

Dante is the Gentle Giant of DCP. He brings the simple fun of improv to life in every moment. He is always ready with a story and a smile for each actor.

Freya Gouinlock After School Leader

Freya is the Dragon Slayer of DCP. She slays all the insecure feelings and fear of the world. She has always got a smile and a helpful hint for each actor.

Jeff Sutton Technical Director

Jeff is the Lord of Light at DCP. He designs lighting, creates sets and keeps things neat. He is the builder of our worlds at DCP while also lighting them up.

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